How It Works

Step 1 – We set up at your wedding.

We come in person on your wedding day and set up our camera and broadcast equipment. Your ceremony is streamed live.

Step 2 – Your wedding is streamed live though the cloud.

The cloud allows us to distribute your passcode protected wedding stream live to up to 50 guests over the internet.

Step 3 – Your guests enjoy the wedding live.

On your wedding day, have your online guests go to on their computers. They then can sit back and enjoy your wedding enjoying every moment while live chatting with other online guests. They can re-watch the stream the next day.

How We Live Stream

Stream My Wedding is a full service live wedding stream provider. We will come in person to your wedding, set up our camera and broadcast equipment, and live stream. This ensures proper setup, giving you one less thing to worry about. Your friends and family from around the world can tune into your wedding on their computers and watch your special day as it happens.

To broadcast from the site, Stream My Wedding requires a stable broadband internet connection with 1 mbps upstream speed. If stable broadband internet is not available at the venue, Stream My Wedding can use 4G/LTE to broadcast for an additional fee.

How Your Guests “Attend”

Whether they are viewing from down the street or at the other side of the world, guests simply need:

  • A stable broadband internet connection
  • Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash Player (click here to check)

On the day of the wedding, guests will go to and enter a passcode unique to your wedding and the stream will begin. While watching, they can live chat with each other.