Frequently Asked Questions

What does Stream My Wedding do?

Stream My Wedding is a full service live wedding streaming service. You may have family and friends whom are unable to attend your wedding but still want to be part of your special day. We will come to your wedding, set up our camera and broadcast equipment, and live stream your wedding over the internet. This ensures proper setup, giving you one less thing to worry about so that your friends and family can witness your special moment as it happens. In addition, your guests can live chat with each other as the event happens.

What kind of weddings does Stream My Wedding stream?

All weddings are special and unique. Stream My Wedding will happily stream any type of wedding, whether indoors or outdoors. Just describe your wedding when you get in touch with us. In addition, we will stream other events as well.

Do I still need a photographer/videographer?

We highly recommend it. Our service is designed to complement the work of a videographer. While the videographer will be focused on capturing video for an edited video that (s)he will deliver later, Stream My Wedding will focus on capturing video for a live audience.

Which regions do you serve?

We primarily serve the San Francisco Bay Area (including Oakland, San Jose, Fremont, Livermore, Napa) along with the portion of the Central Valley region directly to the east (including Tracey, Stockton, Manteca). We will also come to any other region in the United States, but additional travel expenses may apply.

What do my guests need to view the live stream?

Whether they are down the street or at the other side of the world, to view a wedding stream, guests require Windows, Mac, or Linux with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. In addition, a stable broadband internet connection of at least 1 mbps download is required. On your wedding day, your guests will visit, enter the passcode, then start watching.

How many guests can view the live stream?

We support up to 50 simultaneous streams. Of course, multiple guests can gather around one computer and it will count as 1 stream.

Can my guests re-watch the live stream?

Yes. The following day after the wedding, we will upload a recorded version of the stream. This recording can be viewed for 30 days. Extended viewing is available for an additional fee.